About The ForeclosureGate Gazette

The ForeclosureGate Gazette was created in the fall of 2010 as a public service aggregate of foreclosure-related news, information, commentary and resources intended to educate, to inform and to advance justice for American homeowners.  We assemble and distribute links to, what we consider to be and hope are, reliable sources.  Our goal is not to assemble and distribute foreclosure-related information to the public, quickly.  Our primary goal is to provide a second look and perhaps an ongoing view of news and information that may have come and gone and that may still be very important to the future of American homeowners and home ownership. 

A ForeclosureGate Gazette reader will likely encounter links to reports, information and commentary from multiple sources and viewpoints, related to the same topic.  Our belief is that it is virtually impossible to gain a comprehensive knowledge, understanding and perspective about matters impacting homeowners and home ownership, when reading or following only one or two sources.  We prefer to provide links to a wide range of news, sources, information and commentary that tends to be guided by journalistic integrity, as opposed to Wall-St-and-Mortgage-Banking-Industry-owned links that tend to provide propaganda and misinformation and that is likely adversarial to American homeowners and home ownership.

The ForeclosureGate Gazette is committed to seeking justice for American homeowners, which is an advocacy that can be a thorn in the side of Wall St., the Mortgage Banking Industry, Servicers, Big Banks, regulators and the multitude of third-party service providers that make it possible for the homes of American citizens to be stolen from us, in broad daylight and on courthouse steps throughout America.

We hope to continue adding to and improving the ForeclosureGate Gazette and our related social networking and informational sites, which include:

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