The 1 Percent Is Buying Up All Of The Low End Real Estate

by Gary Anderson, Business Insider
Wednesday, June 20th, 2012
Long time real estate pros in Southern California are seeing a phenomenon they have never seen before. The 1 percent is buying up all the low end SoCal real estate! This was reported by the LA Times.

Meantime, Tom Lee was on Bloomberg on 5/21/2012 pumping the housing market. Like a good soldier of the 1 percent, JP Morgan's Lee was saying that real estate will help kindle a boom in manufacturing in the United States. But if you keep in mind that many of the investors pumping the low end of the real estate market are in fact private equity funds, the investors not in the 1 percent should beware.

What could happen is that the 1 percent will squeeze everyone else out of the market, and undercut rental prices