Attorney Fees--US Vs Springer

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

After the district court reduced Defendant Lindsey Springer's tax assessment to judgment and ordered foreclosure on certain real property, persons who held a mortgage on the property and who had participated in the litigation moved for an award of attorney's fees and expenses against Mr. Springer. The magistrate judge recommended granting the motion in part and awarding to the Cross-Claimants $10,576.56 of the $35,416 requested in fees and expenses. Defendant objected but the district court affirmed. The Tenth Circuit declined to address three of the five issues Defendant raised on appeal as they were precluded by res judicata. However, the Court found one remaining issue persuasive: Defendant contended that the Cross-Claimants waited too long under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure to seek their fee award.

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