Harry Engel's Death Caused By JPMorgan Chase Foreclosure, Lawsuit Claims

by Jillian Berman, HuffPost
Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

A Texas woman is suing JPMorgan Chase, claiming that the bank’s eviction caused the heart attack of her husband, a retired minister.

Wanda Jo Engel alleges that JPMorgan’s wrongful home foreclosure and eviction created so much stress that it "overwhelmed" her husband, Harry Engel, ultimately triggering his death. She and her children, Steve, Debra and Josh, are suing the bank for wrongful death and wrongful foreclosure and eviction among other claims, according to a lawsuit filed in Dallas County Court.

Harry Engel, a retired minister, collapsed in a chair in his home within days of receiving an eviction notice from Chase, the suit claims. He was 79.