Investors [?] attack San Bernardino County's plan to seize mortgages

by Alejandro Lazo, LA Times
Friday, July 20th, 2012

FGG EDITOR'S NOTE:  Are we expected to believe that anyone claiming to represent "investor groups", actually cares about the investors?  Or, is it far more likely that attempts to pit innocent investors against innocent homeowners, is a desperate effort to protect the asses of those who got our country into this mess? The actual investors would not be in this unfortunate position, had they been told the truth about the investments and told the truth about mortgage securitization. The destructive cover-up continues, sadly with the assistance of prominent media organizations.


A plan to seize and restructure troubled mortgages using eminent domain in San Bernardino County is under assault by investor groups, which call it unconstitutional and potentially costly to homeowners.,0,1423381.s...