Nationwide Title Clearing Press Release

by Nationwide Title Clearing, Palm Harbor, Florida
Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC), Palm Harbor, Fla., a leading document and services provider for the residential mortgage industry, has confirmed that four of its employees were deposed by foreclosure defense attorneys in Florida. While NTC and its executives are proud to cooperate in any attempt to protect consumers, they pointed out that

the company and its employees have not been named in any lawsuit related to these depositions. The information company employees provided was not related to documents prepared during the foreclosure process. Nationwide Title Clearing provides many industry services, including title searches, document imaging, data capture, etc. Some of those services involve preparation of common mortgage related documents for mortgage servicers, lenders and investors. Nationwide Title Clearing does not prepare foreclosure documents or sign any such related Affidavits. 

In a surprising move, the depositions were made public by one of five deposing Attorneys and provided to bloggers who put some of them on the Internet, without any regard for the privacy of the company's employees. The video was released before company employees had a chance to review and correct their statements, which is a witnesses legal right per Florida rules of court, making it irresponsible to report on those materials at this time. The Attorney, Christopher Forrest, appears to have been in contact with several reporters and media sources in an effort to try our company and employees in the court of public opinion, without regard to due legal process and the rules of the court.

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