Occupy Homes Wins Crucial Victories for Struggling Homeowners Against Big Banks

Op-Ed by Han Shan, for Alternet
Friday, June 22nd, 2012
At the Netroots Nation conference in Providence, RI, I was catching up with Nick Espinosa, a promising young grassroots organizer from Minneapolis. For the past several months, Nick has been working with Occupy Homes Minnesota, one node in a growing network of homeowners, housing justice activists, and occupiers organizing to stop foreclosures and evictions and to hold banks accountable.

Nick was at Netroots to speak on a panel about the growing Occupy Homes movement, and eager to talk about a local campaign that had earned a lot of attention recently: the Cruz family's fight for their home in South Minneapolis. In 2011, the Cruzes’ mortgage lender PNC Bank failed to withdraw an online payment, and then punished the family for the bank's own mistake, demanding an entire extra month's payment as a penalty fee.