Support anti-foreclosure attorney Vanessa Fluker

by Occupy Detroit
Monday, June 11th, 2012

Vanessa Fluker, an attorney well-known for her determined advocacy on behalf of homeowners facing foreclosure, was recently fined $12,200 along with her client by Michigan Wayne County Judge Robert Colombo. The case in appeals court is Tuesday, June 5 at 11am at Michigan Court of Appeals 1st District, 3044 W Grand Blvd, room 14-300, Detroit MI 48201. Support Vanessa Fluker, Esquire fighting for human rights and decency in the judicial process

In an unprecedented attack on the rights of homeowners facing foreclosure, on March 1, 2011, Michigan Circuit Court Judge Robert Columbo assessed $12,200 in sanctions against attorney Vanessa Fluker and her client for a “vexatious appeal” of an eviction stemming from a foreclosure by RBS Services (Royal Bank of Scotland). Please lend your support to Attorney Fluker in challenging this outrageous sanction award against a people’s attorney and her client in favor of a bank with a history of dubious loan practices, and in contributing funds to aid in the prosecution of an appeal of this decision.